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Florida Land Rover Club

Category: Florida Land Rover Club

The activities and information for Land Rover enthusiasts throughout the state of Florida and the world.Their primary goal is to enjoy the Land Rovers by using them for their intended purpose in a fun, family-oriented atmosphere.The club...

Tennessee Rovers

Category: Tennessee Rovers Land Rover Club

Tennessee Rovers is a Land Rover social club serving Tennessee and its surrounding states.The main activities are quarterly (seasonal) weekend trail rides located in Tennessee and surrounding states.The majority of their members are from all...

2008 Land Rover G4 Challenge: The Nevada Passage Adventure Competition

Category: Land Rover Adventure Association

At times it was hot and dry and others it was cool and moist. Sleeping accommodations consisted of tents and bathroom breaks were always outdoors. It was time to let go of civilization as we know it and become one with nature because life in...

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